Tasting Notes from Europe 2016

Austrian wines are greatly misunderstood and underrated in Australia- possibly because they focus on indigenous varieties and possibly due to lingering after-effects of the glycerol additives scandal of the 1980s. Whatever the reason we should pay greater attention to them because both whites and reds should appeal to the average Australian palate and they are reasonably priced. 2012 Domaine Wachau Riesling: like most Austrian Rieslings made in a dry style; classic fresh cut limes and minerals with fragrant aromatics, very good mid-palate fruit intensity and lovely texture;could drink until the cows come home with Asian spices. 2011 Blaufrankisch (Burgenland): a local red variety that is e

Bills Wine Tips: No 1

Only do this if you have more than one bottle! Open the wine and taste it. Keep tasting the opened wine over the next few days. As a rule of thumb for every day the wine retains its original character and taste is equivalent to 7 years in the cellar. If a wine holds up for 2 days after opening suggests it could be cellared for 14 years. Have fun Experimenting!

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